Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Write A Blog-3 Tips to Find Content

Not sure where to get good content to write your next blog post? Perhaps you have a topic in mind but need some “meat” to help you write about it. Here are a few places that you can go to get some new information and help you write that next blog post or article. Remember, there are millions of websites out there to help you, and I am only giving you three to get you started.

Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, Hope and Love

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

Faith is the belief in things not seen. You may believe in certain things although you’ve never seen them. It is not a “religious” thing, it is confidence or trust in something without proof.

For example, when you board an airplane, you believe that it will lift up in the air and take you to your desired destination. Yes, you may have worries or fears, but you put your faith in the aircrafts, the pilots and the laws of science. There may be turbulence along the way, your faith may be shaken, but you get to your destination safely. You didn’t need to know how the airplane works, how it can maintain altitude despite its weight and so on. You just need to get on board with a clear decision of where you wanted to go.

Hope is the feeling that gives your spirit life. Hope is something that you can give to yourself and others as well. By tapping in to the internal spirit, you can bring great rewards to your life and to the lives of others. Hope fuels your dreams and creates great vision.

Those without hope fall prey to depression, anxiety and anger. To “have hope” is not to own or possess something tangible; it is an emotion and a mindset that gives perspective to your life’s potential.

Love is more difficult to explain, as it is often confused with emotions such as lust and desire. It is not a physical act, but can influence our actions.

One way I can explain this so that most people can relate is in the love for a child, or the love that a pet may give its owner. It creates the greatest bond between one living being and another.

1Corinthians 13:4-8(NIV):

“4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8 Love never fails…”

Very few relationships can be truly founded in love. That of a parent and child, husband and wife and even a pet and owner can be examples of such love. Most times love is confused with feelings such as lust or desire, even greed and possessiveness.

John 3:16(NIV):
“For God so loved the world (You and Me-not the planet Earth)
That he gave (sacrificed)
His one and only son (himself incarnate; a piece of himself)
That whoever believes in him (God)
Shall not perish (be dead to God)
But have eternal life (your soul will dwell with God forever)

The greatest gift of all time is Jesus. There is no other display of love that can compare.

Just for a moment, imagine giving your only child to a gang of murderers or thieves, knowing that your child will endure great suffering, but also knowing that the sacrifice will free millions from dying.

How Great is His Love for You?

The scenario I painted above is one that even I could not fathom. I would protect my child with everything I have in me.

We hear stories all the time of great sacrifice and time after time we weep for the lost.

How great is His love for you?

Without faith, there is no confidence or trust.
Without hope, there is no vision for the future.

But without Love, there is nothing at all. He gave his Son, in love, so that we may have everything:

faith, hope and love.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tips to Lose Weight Now

Lose Weight Now with These Tips

Many people make the New Year’s resolution to lose weight now, but wait until January 1st.
Often times that resolution has dissolved within a few short weeks. What one has to do is resolve to a lifestyle change in order to see results long-term.

Most people look at me and think I am “skinny.” Once they find out I have 5 children, then their eyes pop out of their heads and they really say, “no way, you are so skinny!”
Thing is, being skinny doesn’t always mean you are healthy.

And, over the years, I have learned how to ‘hide’ my belly, flabby arms and love-handles. Yet, as 40 approaches, I know deep down that I need to change my lifestyle and get HEALTHY, not just SKINNY. I know that I want to lose weight NOW!

This sat with me all morning as I sipped my light & sweet coffee and ate my greasy scrambled eggs. I reflected on my mom…who I resemble in many ways…and considered the health challenges she faces.

I thought about the sore throat I have and the head cold that never went away completely, from 6 weeks ago. And, I knew, I had to make a change; I had to lose weight NOW! And, that’s the hardest part…deciding to make a change. Second hardest part is the following through!


Over the years, I have studied (and tried) various diets and meal plans. What I want to share with you are some tips that I’ve implemented, to help you

lose weight NOW

. These tips are common in most meal plans and diets and will help you.

Here are some simple steps to help you start to lose weight right now.

1. Increase your water intake to about 100 ounces per 24 hours.

2. Replace snacks in the home with fruits and vegetables (finger food size).

3. Clean out your refrigerator, freezer and cupboard---get rid of anything that is fatty, sugary, artificially enhanced. If it is still fresh, unopened, etc. donate it to a local foodbank so it is not wasted.

4. Gradually replace “bad” foods with good foods. For example replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes. Replace white sugar with a natural sweetner like honey or agave. It takes time to adjust to the flavor, so do it by 25% every few servings. Start with 75% old and 25% new, then 50% of old and new, move to 75% new and 25% old and then 100% new!

5. Shop with a list and stick to it! Don’t ever go to the food store hungry, either. Just make a list of what you need for the week and only buy what is on the list.

6. Become a label-reader. Make sure what you buy is low in sodium and sugars and high in fiber and protein. Keep in mind most packaged food has a lot of preservatives to make it last longer, so the numbers are going to be HIGH.

7. Do not drink “diet” sodas or juices. I am not a nutritionist or physician, but the studies are conflicting as to whether they are safe or not. Drink unsweetened beverages and add your own sweetener. And just a point to make…products with aspartame always include a warning now… and to me, that is a BIG RED FLAG! Even gum isn’t “safe” anymore. Ask my kids, I won’t let them have it since every label I’ve read (so far) has the warning on it.

8. Eat more! Silly, right? Actually, the body seems to prefer 6 meals a day as opposed to 3. Have 3 meals and 3 snacks every day. This will keep you nourished, energized and feeling “full” easier, yet still help you to lose weight now.

9. Fill up! Before large meals, have 8+ ounces of water or similar beverage. Have a small salad or healthy soup before the meal. Ever go to a restaurant and have salad and/or soup and by time the entrĂ©e came around, you couldn’t finish? ;)

10. Exercise every day. Even if it is just a walk around the block, or the perimeter of your office building. Just do something every single day to get your body moving. Why every day? Because if you don’t allow “off” days, you are more likely to get the new habit established.


For many people, these steps are rather easy, but they need more. Either a support system or an accountability partner. For a system to help you lose weight now - I would suggest finding a weight-loss program that suits your needs. This way you can receive immediate support, guidance and mentoring as well as long-term lifestyle results as you transform your body.


Another way to lose weight now is to add meal replacement shakes in to your daily menu. There are many on the market, so look for one that has a track record of producing results. The cost varies, depending on your weight loss and fitness goals. And, in some cases there are incentives to share the products and company with others that can help you get financially fit as well.


I wish you great success as you begin to lose weight now!


Joy Marino

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Power of Words

Power of Words

There is great power in the words that you hear, read and speak to others and yourself. I had a friend who was battling depression. I knew that she needed to read something that encouraged her. I shared with her the power of her words.

See, without getting in to the science of it, there is something absolutely amazing about words. Most of us deal with the darkness of words, without realizing that just by changing what we expose ourselves to; we can shine a vast light in to our lives. If someone asks how you are doing, does it not feel wrong to say “fine” when you know you are not? However, if you answered, “blessed” is that not true? Does that not completely turn around your attitude?

When I was growing up, my father often said my mother or my brother had “sh*t for brains” and even though he never said it to me directly, I felt hurt by it. As an adult, I’ve decided to choose my words carefully; to think before speaking and to apologize if out of line. By no means am I perfect, but I remember the effect my father’s phrase has on my family. In fact, I refused to call him by name, “Dad”, because I learned how powerful our words are, and although that was mean-spirited of me, I was not mature enough to forgive him.

Today, I carefully watch what I allow to infiltrate my ears, my eyes and my heart. I do not watch the news, reality shows or the like. I do not listen to crappy music about sex, drugs and death. I do not read the newspaper and only on occasion an online news article. WHY? Because these words have power to influence me and I choose not to allow bad influences in to my head.

Although this is not intended to be about religion, because I am not religious, I do highly encourage you to consider Godly influence. I read my bible and devotionals by Pastors around the world. I do listen to Contemporary Christian music. I surround myself with people who encourage me, lift me up and have the highest integrity. From the darkest place, Jesus is always my light. There is hope in Him. This is where I gain my greatest perspective.

YOU were put on this earth to SHINE.

YOU are here to live a life of abundance and prosperity.








How do those WORDS make you feel?


They are the Truth.

They are your Light in the darkness.

Now, go out there and share them with someone else… cause there IS someone out there that needs these words.

I blog because I want to encourage, equip and EMPOWER other people to live the life that God had intended for them! It is what I do...who I am...what motivates me to write.



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Power of Gratitude

Ever hear about someone who, despite all adversities, expressed gratitude for their situation. In the natural, out mind cannot conceive how someone could be grateful for troubles and challenges in their life. In our mind, we are confused because they are not bitter, depressed, anxious or stressed. It seems all too natural for us, as humans, to gravitate towards negativity at any given moment.

However, that is NOT natural at all. Think about your childhood, or the way the children in your life behave. When they face a challenge, they are strong-willed and determined to push through. Very rare is it that a child says, "no, I'll never learn to walk. guess I'll just crawl for the rest of my life." That is insane, isn't it? Yes! Why? Because before a child is programmed to "quit" they have been already programmed to try until successful. And, because of that, they are always looking for a way to keep moving forward.

Somewhere along the way, the child in you started to believe that you were not going to succeed; that a set back was going to hinder you. Perhaps the adults in your life, perhaps the television or music or even books that you read fostered the mentality that if you don't succeed, you are supposed to feel like cr*p and stop trying. The programming has been changed, in your mind, about what you could do in your life and how to react to things that happen to you.

Those people, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, are the people who said, "no, I will not accept that way of thinking." Some of them were always that way, too stubborn to accept society's ideas. Some were raised that way, by the people in their lives to keep on trying and to appreciate all that they had. Some people grew up and realized that their lives were not in sync with their desires and sought out a way to change that. It's all about programming the mind, or in some cases, RE-programming it!

As an adult, I have found salvation in Jesus. Through the bible, I have learned what life can be like with faith, love and praise and GRATITUDE. When a person praises; when a person thrives on gratitude, the world around them shifts. For those that have been grateful and live in praise most of their lives, their testimony moves thousands, maybe millions. See, when you are grateful for what you have, you live in a way that attracts more things to be grateful for, people who are inspired by you and so on. People see your attitude and even though they don't understand it, something inside of them (the lost child) wants to have what you have. You are a person that can help people change their lives.

Even though things may look grim right now, even though your life isn't where you want it to be, ask yourself this: "what am I grateful for?" When you find a few things to express gratitude for, actually allow yourself to feel the gratitude. Feel it in every cell of your body. Let it envelope you and shine from you. Try to start every day, and end, every day with thoughts of gratitude. Not only will it make you feel better, you will attract others to you that either desire your presence or desire to have what you have. Your life is a testimony, be grateful in ALL that you have.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Inspires You?

Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time. It is what lifts the very spirit within you. When things look grim, times are "tough", life is just a bit more than you can handle; what inspires you? What is it that makes your spirit soar?

For me, it is many things. First, of course is my faith. The more I build up my faith the more I feel inspired and empowered. Then, there are the people I love, such as my husband and children, as well as close friends. There are also Pastors, Speakers, Authors, Actors that inspire me by the way that they live their life, the message they share and the lives they touch. Music is also a HUGE inspiration to me because it truly makes my heart skip a beat.

As you go through each day, think about what inspires you. Picture it, smell it, hear it. The more you share the inspiration with your inner self, the more you will feel uplifted. When you feel uplifted, you will assuredly be grateful for those things you have in your life. And, as I have said before, when you have a grateful outlook on life, you will see the blessings in EVERYTHING and more blessings are headed your way, every day.

Sure, sometimes it can be a challenge to get inspired. But, most people enjoy a challenge. And, this is a simple one. Find a book, a song, a piece of art, a person, ANYTHING that inspires you, and focus on it. Embrace that emotion you feel at that moment. Remember and bask in the joy and pleasure of inspiration. You've got greatness in you...inspire yourself right now and LET IT SHINE!



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Thoughts

So, with just a little over a week before Thanksgiving, here in the United States, there are a lot of people out there taking the time to share what they are thankful for. Me, personally, practice thanksgiving EVERY day. I highly recommend it to everyone I know. ;)

So, what are YOU thankful for today?

How about this month?

And, this year?

Well, I am thankful for my beautiful family. I am grateful for my good health and that of my family. I am thankful for my friends and extended family. I am grateful to be earning an income EVERY DAY. I am grateful to have eyes to see, ears to hear and an open mind and a softened heart. I am grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Gosh, I think I could go on for DAYS.

SO, please feel free to post and share what YOU are grateful for!



PS: And to my friends in Canada, happy belated Thanksgiving to you. I know yours was in October and I hope it was wonderful!

Welcome Back!

Hello Friends!

Amazing, even when you "delete" something on the internet, it tends not to really be deleted at all. I just went in to my old blog account and was able to restore my old blog. Cool, eh?

Now, the only thing is all of the posts I had, I already deleted and I think those are actually gone. But, that is okay. I've got a LOT to share and this is just a clean board to compose on.

Anyways, I am grateful to be back and look forward to sharing with you what I am learning.