Friday, July 27, 2012

Life as a Yo-Yo

Over the years, people that know me have seen me "yo-yo" from idea to idea, business to business, website to website.  I confess, I have a knack for finding and sharing new things. The downside is that some people don't seem to know what I am truly all about.  Those that have talked with me or chatted online know that I have a HUGE heart for helping others, I love my family, I love animals and I take great pride in being creative and trying new crafts.  Many know (but not all appreciate) that I am a Christian and love sharing His love with others. 

What do you know about me?

Maybe you can relate to search your adult life looking for the "perfect fit" for you. Perhaps it is a soulmate you seek, a career you will blossom in or a business that will pay you well for doing what you love.  On the flipside, there are obstacles that will try to knock you down when you are on the right  path.  And, all those negative things people have told you (and you may have told yourself) over the years begins to "prove" that you aren't intended for greatness.

My life as a yo-yo, although it appears I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up, is actually just a journey I have been on.  In fact, most of us go through similar stages, but most people do not publicly share it on a blog, social network and so on.  One thing I have always strived for was to be honest and transparent with people.  Yes, I've bounced from this to that and my interests include a wide variety of things.  However, I share all of that because I don't believe it is right to hide my talents, abilities and gifts.  I don't think you should either. 

Do you know this quote:

"I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work."  ~ Thomas A. Edison. 

What does that mean?  That means that Mr. Edison did not let failure stop him.  It means that he kept trying something new to get to his goals.  I am sure he had times when he threw his hands in the air and felt like giving up.  But, he must've gotten back on task.  You shouldn't be afraid to try something new.  You won't fail; you only "fail" if you've learned nothing. 

Honestly, how many toddlers stop trying to walk after they fall once?  Or, one hundred times?  They keep going at it until they learn how to do it and get the results they want.

The beauty of a yo-yo is that even if it doesn't roll back to your hand, it is still just a length of string away.  It is not lost.  And, you can roll it back up (reset it) and try again.  It just takes practice and persistence...the yo-yo will do it's part if you do yours.

My life...and a journey.  Regardless of how it appears to others, you must continue to try to create a life you love being your authentic self.  If you come against obstacles...go through them, around them, over them; whatever you need to do to get beyond them.  If people think you are behaving like a yo-yo, don't get mad or defensive.  First, take a little bit of time and see if their point is valid AND what you can learn from it.  Then, go forward with that new understanding.

You have greatness within you...I know you YOU?


Joy Marino

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Procrastination a Dangerous Web

Is there something you should be doing right now?  Is it something that you've been putting off?  Yeah, me too.  Procrastination is dangerous I tell ya.  Why?  Because we put off the things we don't feel like doing until they transform into gigantic red-eyed, green, hairy monsters waiting to jump out from under the bed at any moment.

Photo from

Okay, so that was a bit dramatic perhaps.  But, things get easier when we put them off?  Don't they seem to weigh so heavily on your shoulders that you feel like you are treading through quicksand?

Do this right now... take 3 things you've been procrastinating about and do them.  Take ACTION right now.  Even if you cannot complete the full task, do something to move you forward right now.  So, if you have a pile of laundry the size of Mount Rushmore (like I do) take 15 minutes and make a dent in that pile.  Fold and put away as much as you can in 15 minutes.  Put on your favorite music and turn it up LOUD and sing while you work.  Or, maybe you've got to clean the rings around the toilet...UGH!!  Well throw some cleaner in there, swish around the brush and flush.  Just be done with it already.  You don't have to get it clean enough to eat out of...(ewwww)...just clean enough to keep the bacteria away.  You get the point here.  Just take some action steps RIGHT NOW...well, first, comment below on the 3 things you will tackle and what you are going to do for each one..then...GO DO IT!


Joy Marino

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Viking Knit Bracelets

If you've followed my blog(s) or Facebook posts for any length of time, you may have noticed that I have a creative, crafty side to my nature.  I've made and sold hair bows and Disciple Crosses.  I enjoy the ability to create new things and use my hands in doing so.  I love to learn to make new crafts and how to work with new materials and methods. 

Just a couple weeks ago, a friend told me about an opportunity to work from home, that actually paid you to make jewelry.  And, of course, I did my research because I've known for a long time that most jewelry assembly programs aren't profitable.  In this case, however, my friend had already been paid a couple of times for her submitted work.  I looked further in to the company, the jewelry itself and other details and felt it was worth a try.

As much as I wanted to work for this company, my problem was that I was not able to gather enough funds to pay the security for the kit and material.  And, I had been burnt on similar "deals" so I didn't want to send my money without knowing if I could do the work required.  So, while I am saving up money to get started with them, I decided to see if this was a craft I could do; if it was a skill I could learn and master.  The viking knit bracelets appear to be very difficult.   I scoured the internet looking for information that would help me to learn the basics.  I found a great deal of information, including videos and tutorials.

My mission was to learn all that I could about making viking knit jewelry for this company, including the type and sizes of wire, the tools needed, the time required and so on.  I went to the local craft store and picked up some wire that was in the size I would probably be using for the company.  I hand-made a drawplate using photos online as my guide.  I created my first bracelets watching videos on YouTube.  I also read through the forum on the thread that discussed the company hiring jewelry assemblers and learned more about the company, materials, payments and so on.

See, I wanted to be sure that I could craft the bracelets to the standards of the company.  I wanted to practice and at the same time see if my hands could handle it, if I had enough hours in the day, and if my finished pieces looked like those being sold online in stores such as eBay and Etsy.  I also wanted to learn the skill so that I could make my own creations later on down the road.

As with most crafts, there was quite the learning curve.  There was frustration when the wire didn't seem to want to cooperate.  There were sore fingertips and I almost poked my eye out once (really).  I had learned about a couple of different methods such as an allen key in a vice, using a crochet needle, mandrels and the laizee daizee tool.   I had also learned about making 4, 5 and more "petals" which basically means how many columns of "knots" going down the bracelet, creating a wider piece.  I also knew the company would require me to make 1 bracelet using single knit and 1 bracelet using double knit, so I had to practice both.

It took me hours the first time.  I lost track of how long it took me, because this is a craft that you can set down and pick up again throughout the day.  I do know it involved most of the day for 1 single knit piece and it was shorter than a real bracelet would be. My fingers were sore!  But, I related it to learning to play the guitar (which I tried once) and reminded myself that it would get better in time.

It's been about 2 weeks now and I've made over a dozen pieces of viking knit.  In fact, yesterday, I made 3 bracelets with BEADS!  That was something I saw online and decided to try for my own pieces.  With enough practice put in, I am getting better AND faster!  I made those three bracelets over the course of 5 hours.

The only part I haven't gotten mastered yet is finishing each piece! I have to learn to make my own end caps as well as how to apply pre-made end caps.  My biggest concern up until now was learning the techniques, getting used to working with the wire, and being consistent in my knitting.  So, the next part is finishing each bracelet I have made.

I will be sending in my security deposit to start making bracelets for that company, as soon as I have enough.  I kind of dipped in to the savings to buy a few supplies, so I will have to save a bit more.  I will keep you posted as I go through the journey with them, so that if you wanted to work for them, you'd also know what to expect.

Meanwhile, I will keep creating new bracelets and maybe start selling my own.

Here are a few pictures I have of the ones I've done so far...

First 3 practice pieces

First full length actual bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please comment below!

Stay tuned and I will continue to update you on my journey with these beautiful Viking Knit Bracelets.


Joy Marino

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Friday, July 20, 2012

30 Day Intention Challenge

Hello friends!  I know it has been awhile since I apologies!!  It is summer time and the days have been long and HOT!  I am enjoying my days making bracelets, and swimming in the pool with 2 (of my 5) children!  Today it is raining and cool, so what better time to blog than right now?!

Bracelets I've Learned to Make This Summer:
Viking Knit!  Pretty Fun Actually!

I stumbled across this 30 Day Intention eCourse and decided to give myself a challenge.  To visit the source, simply click HERE

I invite you to join me on this 30 day Intention "Challenge" where every single day, I will post an intention for the day.  Now, it is not just about what I say (or type) but moreso, it is about what I project to the world.  It is good to say I will do something, but the people that know me best will wait to see what I actually DO. 

You may be a little but like me...I have a HUGE heart to serve others.  But, I tend to want to help everyone, all the time.  And, to make matters more complex, I tend to attach myself to the "outcome" which leads me to make decisions based on emotion, rather than logic (or the facts).  It has led me on a roller coaster for many years, in fact my whole life. 

Anyway, whether you are like me, or not...I want to share this 30 Day Intention Journal with you.  I will post my intention for the day on my other BLOG.  Please know that each day, I will be saying my intention out loud, multiple times a day AND acting on it.  That is very important!

Then, the next day, I will come back to my Coaching Blog and share my reflections on the previous day's Intention and share the current day's Intention for you.

So, to get started I posted on my Coaching Blog and will also post here.  After today the remaining posts will go only to my Coaching Blog.  Ok?  ;)

Today is Day 1

"I intend to see the best in those around me,

and compliment them on it!"

I will also be keeping a daily journal to reflect on my words and actions of the day.

So, subscribe to the blog to get a daily reminder to work on your own intentions, and keep "tabs" on me as well!  ;)

I want to take a minute to thank YOU for being a loyal reader.  I hope and pray that I have blessed you today.  You mean the world to me!  Your love and support helps me continue on this journey, called LIFE! 


Joy Marino

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