Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Bit About Joy Marino

What is your story?  This is just a part of mine...

My name is Joy Marino and I am a wife and mom of 5 children.  I work from home as a marketing advisor.  I enjoy helping other people utilize their talents, gifts and abilities to branch out, increase their business volume and achieve their goals.

As a child, growing up, my parents owned a luncheonette.  We served food as well as provided products to the local public.  I always had my parents around, since they were the only ones running the store and we lived in the apartment above the storefront.  Even though they struggled, they were their own bosses and were able to be involved in my life.

As a teenager, my parents ended up leaving the store and getting regular jobs and renting a home.  It was definitely a different time for my family and I struggled with many of the issues most families face these days.  I was unattended after school and although I had a part-time babysitting job, I often found myself hanging around and doing a bunch of nothing.

As an young adult, I definitely struggled with many challenges.  I learned a lot of things, the hard way.  I was married, had my first son and divorced---all by the age of 20.  While my friends were exploring "life", I was all-grown up already.  In some ways, it made sense, because I'd always been a bit "older" than most of my friends.  In fact, many of my best friends, growing up, were the adults that frequented my parent's store.  So, I matured in many ways sooner than my peers.

Nowadays, I stay at home with our 4 youngest children.  I crave the interactions with other adults and often socialize on networks throughout the day.  One thing that has always been a passion of mine is helping others.  Combine socializing and helping others, network marketing seemed to be the perfect fit for me.  However, time and time again, I struggled to get my business(es) off the ground.

I began to grasp the fact that I was looking at NWM from a non-profit standpoint.  I was helping people left and right, but never really making money.  I was motivated by their successes, but depressed by the lack of my own.  I had watched person after person start at the same spot I was in, and in no time, they propelled past me at a blinding speed.  I failed to see why it happened for everyone else, but not for me.

The problem, which you may relate to, is lack of focus, discipline and consistency.  These 3 elements are how everyone else finds success when I do not.  It's like the saying about stopping at the edge of your breakthrough; you work so hard to get there, but give up or give in...right before your life was about to change.  

My other problem was that I was a people pleaser.  I cared far too much about other people's opinions and I allowed that to keep me just beyond my breakthrough.  I would start something...then stop when I thought it might "upset" or "offend" someone else.  I was under the impression I need someone to hold me by the hand and direct my every step, giving me praise and approval at every juncture.  And, every time I didn't get that, I would turn and walk in another direction, probably a few feet away from my "fortune."

Recently, I decided that I had enough.  I had short-changed myself for far too long.  I still care enough not to intentionally hurt other people's opinions, give credit when due and be respectful of other people's time.  However, I can't expect anyone to hold my hand anymore.  I am almost 40 for crying out loud.  I've been broke, beaten down and counted out for far too long.

Now, I work for me...for my family.  Those that see the value in what I can offer them will show up to learn.  Those that want to partner with me in business, will.  Those that want their dreams to come true will do what they need to do, in order for it to happen...just like me.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, your story, your commentary.  Just leave me some comment love and share what this article has spoken to you.


Joy Marino

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