Monday, August 27, 2012

Become A Walking Reward For 10 Thousand

A few years back, I was struggling to make money with my network marketing business.  I was looking for mentors and a community that could teach me how to bring out the best in me AND make money at the same time.  I found such a place called the Million Mind March and I loved it there.

One thing I learned from  Joe Schroeder and Diane Hochman there in the think-tank, the mastermind called the Million Mind March was that you need to surround yourself with people who CELEBRATE you.... not just tolerate you.  I learned about digging deep within myself and being honest with who I was.  And, it was there that I heard the phrase, "Become A Walking Reward For Ten-Thousand."

Now, when you are building a business, 10,000 is a HUGE number.   Especially when you can not seem to find 10 people or even 1 person who sees a bigger picture---a picture that goes beyond a cubicle and the 9-5 rat race.  I didn't know how I would reach 10, 000 people.  But, I knew deep down that I could---that I had to.

I pledged to be a walking reward for ten thousand.  I wrote it down on my goals and I reminded myself constantly.  And, everytime I could help just one person with something,  I knew that the ripple effect would help countless others.  Over time, I realized that I may never know if I hit that 10,000 mark.  And, I decided that if I did the best that I could, I kept a servant's heart and gave my all, that I was okay with never knowing the number.

I didn't have a list to keep count or any other measureable way.  And, somewhere along the way, I pushed the 10,000 number to the back of my mind.  Until, last night.   WOW.  I was really blown away when I did some quick calculations in my head.

See, I had written a book back in May.  I self-published using Kindle.  My book, Flip it Around was being received well amongst the 2,000 friends I have on Facebook.  I also shared it with the 1,000+ followers on Twitter to increase exposure.  And, I hade 4 5-star reviews on my book.  It was very exciting.  But, what really boosted my book was doing Free Promotions with Kindle, where people could download my book for free.

Last night, I did a quick calculation and found there was over 9,500 downloads of my book from May to August.  I said to myself, "wow, what a blessing, almost 10,000 downloads...10,000 people reading my book."  And, that's when it happened.  I immediately remembered myself saying I would become a walking reward to 10,000.


It has been a few years.  I thought I was meant to reach the masses with a network marketing company.  And, when I left that industry, I never thought the goals I had set in the past would be achieved.  It was last night that I realized that I had set this whole thing in to motion years ago.  I realized that goals happen when you don't give may change direction, but you don't give up.

And, as I drifted off to sleep last night, ALL of my other goals came flowing back to my mind.  Ones that I had set years ago, but had lost faith in seeing them come to fruition, using the methods I had previously tried.  If this one goal could happen, finally, so could the others!   And, in one way, it took YEARS, and at the same time, it only took 3 months.  Sometimes, you just have to go a different direction then you originally thought, to get where you want to go.

I want to encourage you today to keep going after your dreams and goals, but also, to be open to going a different path to get there.  I invite you to download my book Flip It Around and I hope that it helps you.


Joy Marino

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Viking Knit Jewelry

viking knit bracelet
Over the past few weeks I have crafted/created a number of Viking Knit bracelets.  I have sold one so far and have received numerous glowing comments on my work.  As I said in an earlier post, I would update you as things moved forward. So, here it is...

Okay, working with the "work from home" company making viking knit jewelry turned out to be a bust for me.  Although I've practiced with similar type wire, in different sizes, I had a very difficult time using the stainless steel wire.  Although my knitting came out fairly well and mostly uniform, it caused my hands to swell and throb for days.  And, for whatever reason,  I couldn't get the hang of working with the memory wire in just the exact way that they required.  Thinking about going through the process, to make 8 bracelets a week and get paid $120 just didn't excite me anymore.  Could I stick it out?  Probably, but I know myself...and dreading to craft something means I won't do my best.  And, that's not fair to me or the company.  So, I am returning my starter kit and await the refund of the security deposit.

viking knit bracelet

The bright side of this is that I have a deeper appreciation for the wire I do work with.  I had ordered some green wire from and they shipped it right out, so I received that the other day.  And, after working with the stainless steel, let me tell you, I LOVE artistic wire!  LOL.  SO much more flexible, forgiving AND less likely to slice my eyeball.  Oh and yes, I pricked my fingers many times with the stainless steel wire! 

Another positive point to make is that I also learned about working with memory wire.  Now, if I am not restricted to using it a certain way, and can make my loops/end caps however I want, I am thinking memory wire is going to be awesome.  I have to pick some up at the store this week so I can finish off some bracelets.

viking knit bracelet with beads

Moving forward, I've decided to stick to crafting and creating my own pieces, selling them at market value.  It may take awhile and honestly, I don't see a 6-figure income from just bracelets, but I am willing to do the work and I reman grateful that I have good eyes to see what I am doing, strong hands to complete the work, a creative mind to craft my unique pieces and experience with online business.  Perhaps in the near future I can create a product that will help other Craftpreneurs build successful business too.

I've inserted photos of my latest pieces here in this post.  All are my own creations.  Enjoy!


Keep It Crafty!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Makes You Light UP?

What makes you light up? What is it, that when you think about it, you just feel your heart leap, your stomach goes SMILE so big your cheeks hurt? 

 There are a few things for me, one of which is my family. Now, mind you, much of the time, my kids are driving me nutsy, but when I get that hug, surprise kiss on the cheek, or someone grabs my hand, just because...I get goosebumps! I love my kids so much. But, professionally, there have been a lot of ups and downs for me. Perhaps you can relate?

 For instance, I love working with animals and my career as a Vet Tech was a blessing. There were times when I just loved what I did...unfortunately there were times when being human, and doing the humane thing, just flat out stunk! And, as emotional as I am, I rarely could ever hold back the tears.

 But, now that I am a stay-at-home mom, working on my crafts is one thing that really gives me peace. Not only do I get giddy over creating, but the feedback from admirers really boosts my confidence. But, there was still that part of me that longed to be a coach. After all, that was the reason I left my job as a Vet Tech. 

There was a part of me that just naturally coached, without me even realizing it. Anyway, those two worlds are about to join, and the result is one I think many Creative people, like me, are going to benefit from AND I hope they enjoy.

  Enough about me, what about YOU? Answer in the comments below. I would love to hear what lights you up and makes your heart SING. 

 Joy Marino

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