Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Take A Left at New Jersey

Well, I managed to get some sleep last night.  Not much, really.  I fell asleep after 3, inbetween gusts of wind creaking the trees in the yard.  Without school or work, I slept "in", waking up just before 9.  Somehow, I don't feel rested though.  I was relieved to get through the night, because as well all know, dangerous, evil things always happen in the dead of night.

I check for updates this morning, only to find that Hurricane Sandy must in fact want to check out the Jersey Shore.  Over those few hours I slept "she" make a left turn headed straight for the shore.  My stomach lurched when I saw that.  To think we would escape once again?  Naive at best.  Outside, it looks like no more than a windy storm.  We get them in the spring and in the fall, typically causing some minor problems, but never real serious.

A strong gust blows every 30 seconds or so, rattling the house and giving an occasional flicker of lights.  Sadly, this is going to be the norm for the next 10-11 hours, with Sandy expected to make landfall sometime after 8pm.  Yep, Sandy is headed for us in the dead of night.  As much as I'd like to take a little night-time tonic, to help me sleep, the idea of being unalert when she arrives is discomforting as well.  And to think I was feeling "anxious" yesterday. 

It is a ghost town, as most stores are closed.  Employees of emergency services the only ones allowed on the roads.  Even though she hasn't arrived yet, Hurricane Sandy has already taken its toll on much of the shore, with areas flooding and historic places such as Atlantic City are losing its boardwalk.

Well, power dipped so headed off for now...

Stay Safe!

If you are local, check out news on Jersey Shore Hurricane News, a facebook page started last year for updates about Hurricane Irene.  Invaluable source!!/JerseyShoreHurricaneNews


Hurricane Sandy at the Jersey Shore

As Hurricane Sandy looms, friends and family have been forced to evacuate.  Our children will not be headed to school before Wednesday and now we just wait.

Hurricane Sandy

At just past Midnight, October 29, 2012 we listen to the endless streams of reports coming from neighboring states, and counties.  I live a few miles inland, and so will not need to evacuate.  However, many of our friends are in areas that are closer to the bays, rivers and Atlantic Ocean and they have been uprooted from their homes, not knowing what will happen next.

Local shelters have been set up throughout the state.  And, as we watching a live stream from the news channel, there is an eerie feeling as we see places like Grand Central Terminal, in New York shut down without a single soul present.  In our local area, major roadways, ones that typically are crowded will be silent this coming Monday morning.  Stores, schools, everything completely cut off until Hurricane Sandy unleashes her wrath on the area.

An ironic thought came to mind tonight... what if this was happening next week?  What if this was happening on Election Day?  What would that do to people?  Would it sway their thoughts?  Hmmm...

The winds bustle now.  On and off throughout the day and now into the night.  With each 30+ mile an hour gust of wind, my stomach flips, wondering if a crash will follow.  And, knowing that these "breezes" will weaken trees, power lines, structures... well before the true winds come... it is very unnerving. 

I am a person of Faith and know God is  in control.  But, I am human, and not having any control lets fear creep in and nudge at my faith.  Last year, Hurricane Irene was scary, but we were blessed in that we didn't lose power or suffer much damage except for downed foliage.  Am I foolish to hope that this time, despite the colorful maps pointing Sandy to our doorstep, we will make it through once again?

Yes, I have taken the time to tell people that I love them.  I am grateful for the opportunity to do so, when in most cases, those moments are not made available.  Friends since childhood, distance relatives, close relatives... even online friends who I've never met, but cherish them dearly.  There is no time like the present. 

Be safe my friends.  Pray for those in the path of Sandy. 

I Love You!  Thank You for being a part of my life.

When the tides recede, I will see you again.




Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday Oct 4

Thankful Thursday

This is my personal blog.  I have many interests, a few passions and a long list of experiences.  I like to share what's on my mind, what I am learning and what is happening in my life. 

For those that follow along, it may seem like a whirlwind where my feet never touch the ground.  However, that is ME.  I love my family and friends. 

If I have a job, I give 110% of myself and learn every possible aspect of it I can.  If I am working online, I make new friends and learn new skills. 

I am passionate about helping other people and being creative.  I am interested in learning new skills in many different areas such as internet marketing, crafting, writing, coaching and more.  I love to teach what I learn, share what I know and guide people in the direction they say they want to go. 

Some people mention that I don't finish what I start or that I am always trying something new.  Yep... I do move around a lot.  I am pretty transparent about who I am, which is how people know that I am always "in to something" and I am not ashamed of that. I feel that I have a gift to inspire and encourage others...and that tends to take me in many different directions. 

For example, if I join a different business opportunity every single month, it isn't because I can't finish what I start.  It's because it is a new opportunity to touch other people in a way that I would never reached them before.  I am like an iceberg, just as most people are.  What you see on the surface is only a small percentage of what there truly is.  Whether or not you take the time to see the bigger picture has more to do with you, than with me.

An "A-HA" Moment

Something occurred to me last night.  People proposition me with business offers quite often.  And sometimes, I do the same to them.  But my "a-ha" moment was this:  people will pay my way in to their business, just so I am on their team. 


Because I am a master salesperson or recruiter.  HECK NO!  *LOL*  It dawned on me that this happens because they want to work with ME.   So, I thought about why anyone would want me to be on their team if there was no monetary gain to it.  And I realized that there is more to ME than even I realized.  I offer people something that makes them want me with them.

The same way my kids will follow me wherever I go, never giving me a moment's peace.  ;)  I am a MAGNET.  As much as I wish I was a money magnet, I am not.  I am a people magnet.  And with that comes great responsibility.  I must continue to be transparent.  I must continue to be ethical, honest and humble.  I am setting an example for others.  And, above all, I must focus.  After all, people don't do what you say; they do what you do.

I still do not have a full grasp on why people are attracting to me.  I don't have a knock-out figure, giant white smile or killer looks.  Hmmmm... itmust be deeper than that.  ;)  I do know that I care very much about people.  I love to sow good seed and see others BLOOM.

Going Forward...I Think...

So, where does that lead me?  I am not sure, to be honest.  I believe only God knows what my future holds.  I do know that if I leave my life in His hands, I have nothing to worry about....EVER.  He is the Great Provider and I humbly accept whatever He blesses me with.

On this Thankful Thursday, I want to thank YOU, my friends.  You bless me every time you drop by.  You bless me when you share something I have said to you.

I may not get it right.  I may stumble and fall.  But I do know that I have Favor.  I do know that His grace and mercy will carry me.

In closing, I want to hear  from you. Please... leave a comment below and share your heart with me today.  You mean so much to me and I am very grateful to have YOU in my life, in whatever capacity that  may be.

Love & Blessings,

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