Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 30 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 30 BBM 90 Day Challenge

One-third of the way through the Challenge.  
Congrats to all Mommies (and Daddies too)on the Challenge with me. 

From Briana, Bikini Body Mommy:

"It's time to WEIGH, RE-MEASURE, TAKE ANOTHER SET of PROGRESS PICS .... and get your CARDIO ON!  YOU CHOOSE ... 45 minutes cardio OR 20 minutes of HIIT."

I did my measurements over the weekend and if you didn't read that post (Day 27), I lost 5# and 4 inches so far on the BBM Challenge!!  If I can keep this momentum, I will hit goals by the end of Challenge, which is about 15# weight loss and around 12 inches lost.

I will, of course, choose the 20 min HIIT.

Today I am doing:
5 minutes jumping jacks (with 1# gloves)
5 minutes sprints
1 minute rest between each set for 10 minutes rest.

Also, I was playing with the baby, lifting her up and down and noticed my biceps and shoulders are becoming much more defined.  And, as I said the other day, my pants felt looser, which is why I measured early.  Awesome.  =)

I hit this HARD and was dying!  LOL  Sweating, panting... whoa!  Almost didn't make it to the 20 minute mark, but I DID!!

See you tomorrow!!

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