Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 27 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 27 BBM 90 Day Challenge

*UPDATED 2/2/2014*

I know I am not supposed to check-in yet, but for some reason, my pants kept slipping down today so I decided to weigh myself.  I will measure myself tomorrow, but so far...

5 pounds GONE

----> 4 INCHES GONE!!!! <----

Yeah, baby!!!

Okay, so today, the last workout day of the week is... Cardio!! And, as always I will be doing a 20 min HIIT session.  =)

See previous posts for my jumping jacks/sprinting modifications for details.

Total 5 minutes full jumping jacks with 1# weighted gloves
Total 5 minutes sprints
Total 10 minutes rest

Tomorrow is a rest day.  So, see you Monday!!

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