Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 34 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Not a great pic, but proving I am doing it!  =)

Day 34 BBM 90 Day Challenge

From Briana:


It’s time to get your CARDIO ON!

YOU CHOOSE … 45 minutes cardio OR 20 minutes of HIIT.

Of course, once again I chose 20 min HIIT.  I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can do some 45 minute Cardio.  I don't have any equipment in-home to use, so it'll have to wait until I can get out there without freezing my butt off...or worrying about slipping on ice.  LOL

So, today, as most Cardio days, I chose to do jumping jacks, sprints and punches. Again, I wore my 1# weighted gloves throughout the entire 20 minutes.

  • 1 Minute jumping jacks

  • 1 minute rest

  • 30 seconds sprinting (today I pretended I was jumping in tires like they show in military bootcamp videos... bringing knees up fairly high each step.)
  • 15 seconds cross punches and 15 seconds uppercuts.

  • 1 minute rest.

Repeat four more times for a total of 20 min HIIT Cardio.

Since Cardio doesn't require a video, I find a playlist I like on YouTube and run that in the background, plus a separate tab running a 1 minute timer on the online stopwatch and have my phone counting the overall time of workout (making sure I do at least 20 minutes total). Today's playlist was Katy Perry with some songs that always fire me up and encourage me to keep going.  ;)

Then, I stretched for a few minutes, since my legs were still burning from all those lunges this week and I definitely don't want my back tensing up again.  Overall, a great workout and I gave myself a high-five and yes, I fist-pumped when I was done.  LOL

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Tomorrow is Rest Day, so I am taking the day to do just that.  See you Monday!!



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