Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 43 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Bridge Fly 
*Wearing 1# weighted gloves and using 5# dumbbells*

Day 43 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Hey friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  I am a little "off" still.  Day 41 there was no post but it was a Cardio day.  There's no post cause I didn't do my Cardio that day.  The next day was, Day 42 a "Rest Day". So I am picking up with Day 43 today.  =)

Here's the new set of exercises for Day 43:

20 REPS for each exercise x 3 ROUNDS

Each round consists of :
1 – Bridge Flys
2 – Alternating forward lunges
3 – Squat tricep extension
4 – Plank hold with alternating foot lift = 1 MINUTE


This went fairly well.  I have a very closed in area, so I had to get creative as to which way to move, but overall, I got it DONE!!  I counted on the 1 minute planks and did 40/40/42 leg lifts.

Coming upstairs after cooling thighs burned a bit.  LOL  That's what happens after two days of rest I guess.

How is YOUR journey going??  Would love to hear from you.  Comment below.  =)

Please comment, share, Like,  RT, Plus, Pin...whatever works.  Thanks!  XO

See you tomorrow!!


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