Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 31 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 31 BBM 90 Day Challenge

EXERCISE #1. DEATH MARCH: 100 WALKING LUNGE CHALLENGE  Either 4 Minutes or 100, whichever comes first.  Total: 68 in 4 minutes

Rest for 2 MINUTES


Perform 10 reps on one arm, then switch and do the other for 3 sets total

EXERCISE #3. BOAT POSE/ELEVATED-LEG, OBLIQUE CRUNCH 5 sets total *Only did 3 sets*

This was TOUGH!  Briana makes it look so simple...then, try to keep up in the videos and whoa!  LOL  I did okay on the lunges, although if I had more room to walk, I think I may have gotten a few more in.  I definitely felt the burn from #30 on.  EEK!

Again, the windmills looked easy, but weren't.  I felt a lot of clicking in one shoulder and my neck is always tense, so that was difficult.  I ended up using my 1# weights without a dumbbell tonight.

UGH... these crunches were horrible.  First, I have a boney butt, so it has always hurt to balance on my "seat" then add to it the lift of my she points out in the video, I cramped in both hips.  Unfortunately, I couldn't do set 4 & 5 tonight, but hopefully next time.  =(

Thanks for dropping by and I hope that you are finding these posts useful.  I may not be doing as well as other people, but I am doing my hardest work and still getting results.  =)

Thank you for your support!!!

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See you tomorrow!!


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