Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 33 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Not a great pic, but that's me, stretching. =)

Day 33 BBM 90 Day Challenge

EXERCISE #1. DEATH MARCH: 100 WALKING LUNGE CHALLENGE  Either 4 Minutes or 100, whichever comes first.  Total: 75 in 4 minutes (7 more than Wednesday!)

Rest for 2 MINUTES


Perform 10 reps on one arm, then switch and do the other for 3 sets total

EXERCISE #3. BOAT POSE/ELEVATED-LEG, OBLIQUE CRUNCH 5 sets total *Again, only did 3 sets*

Like I said the other day, this is some tough work!  Briana makes it look so simple, she is my inspiration because she isn't perfect and you can tell she is working hard in the videos, not like a Pro video.

Tonight, I did okay on the lunges, although my legs BURNED right from the beginning.  I looked down, saw the outline of my leg in my pants and felt encouraged to keep going and burn that fat.

Tonight, the windmills gave me some trouble.  On my HIIT Cardio days, I do lots of jumping jacks and between both exercises, my shoulders and neck are tense and sore.  Will have to do something else for cardio for a little while.

I did better with the crunch exercises.  I folded my mat an extra time to cushion my bum and didn't tuck my leg in quite as tight.  Yet, I still only got three sets done.

My diet has been off and I am hoping to get back on track soon.  My problem has always been not eating throughout the day and that is still an issue.  I am glad you are following along on my journey, but I want to hear about yours.  What program are you following?  What exercises are you doing?  What are your results so far?  Please comment below and let me know.  Would love to hear from you.

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See you tomorrow for the last workout day of the week.

Keep Working It!!


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