Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 36 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 36 BBM 90 Day Challenge

NOTE:  I am a day behind.  This workout was for Monday 2/10 but DONE on 2/11.  Since I had two ret days in a row, I will continue to follow the week's plan, just one day behind the group and hopefully, will be caught up on 2/17.  =)

 Day 36 .. “LOVE your LEGS & BOOTY” workout!

20 Full Squats *Not too bad*
30 Second Squat Hold *OMG-BURN!!!*
20 Squat Pulses *Ow, Ow, Ow*
( Repeat Set)

20 Alternating Lunge Kicks *Not bad*
20 Jump Lunges *Ow*
30 Second Lunge Hold-each Side *UGH...could NOT hold up knee much at all*
(Repeat Set)

20 Calf Raises *Jelly Legs*
(Repeat Set)

BURN!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't do these workouts as directed.  If you watch the video, Briana was having a tough time.  Normally, I love squats and lunges but OMG.... I am burnt.  Fried.  Crisp.  Damn!

Anyway, I need a hot shower and rest now.  LOL

I can't even think straight that was so fricking hard.  LMAO

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See you tomorrow!!


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