Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 37 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 37 BBM 90 Day Challenge

It’s time to get your CARDIO ON!

YOU CHOOSE … 45 minutes cardio OR 20 minutes of HIIT.

As usual, I chose 20 min HIIT.

Today, as most Cardio days, I chose to do jumping jacks, sprints and punches. Again, I wore my 1# weighted gloves throughout the entire 20 minutes.

Despite the intense BURN I went through in yesterday's workout, my legs didn't hurt one bit today.  However, I found that when I started doing the jumping jacks, my knees were bothering me.  A sharp type of pain that I didn't like one bit.  So, I improvised, doing modified jumping jacks by stepping out instead of jumping.  Not as energetic, but I don't want to cause any injuries.

1 minute modified jumping jacks

1 minute rest

30 seconds high-knee sprinting  (this didn't bother my knees much at all...odd)

15 seconds cross punches and 15 seconds uppercuts.

1 minute rest.

Repeat four more times for a total of 20 min HIIT Cardio.

Today's playlist was once again, Katy Perry with some songs that always fire me up and encourage me to keep going.  ;)

Then, I stretched for a few minutes.  Overall, a decent workout that got my heart rate up there.

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See you tomorrow!!


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