Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 38 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 38 BBM 90 Day Challenge

REMINDER:  I am a day behind.  This workout was for Wednesday 2/12.  Again, I will continue to follow the week's plan, just one day behind the group and hopefully, will be caught up on 2/17.  =)

Day 38 .. “LOVE your LEGS & BOOTY” workout!

20 Full Squats
30 Second Squat Hold
20 Squat Pulses
( Repeat Set)

20 Alternating Lunge Kicks
20 Jump Lunges
30 Second Lunge Hold-each Side
(Repeat Set)

20 Calf Raises
20 Calf Raises this time one leg at a time, 10 each
(Repeat Set)

I actually had to take a break and skip some of the jump lunges because I got a butt cramp.  OMG... I had to laugh at that one.

Otherwise, I made it through all of the exercises, slowly but surely.  And the BURN was bad...intense, but still wasn't as bad as 2 days ago.  Guess that's good, right?

So now, going to have my late snack, a Greek yogurt, then get ready for my shower.

Again, thanks so much for following along on my journey.  It's not perfect and I skip days, don't finish workouts and sometimes make sh*t up as I go...but I am sticking to this journey.  And, even though I am not highly disciplined, I think sticking through it to the end, giving it my all, is key.

Same goes for YOU.  Whatever you've been striving to achieve...anything at all... just keep at it.  You quit?  So what, pick up and start again.  You can do it---if you want it bad enough.  And, I am here to cheer YOU on...just let me know, okay?  =)

Please comment, share, Like,  RT, Plus, Pin...whatever works.  Thanks!  XO

See you tomorrow!!


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