Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 35 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 35 BBM 90 Day Challenge

It was later in the evening when I realized that yesterdays' post saved to Draft, but didn't Publish.  In case you wanted to read it, here is yesterday's Post  --->

Day 34:  REST DAY!!

Since I've gotten into the habit, I did my measurements today.  I am proud to say that even though I didn't have the best of weeks, no numbers went up.

Weight loss:  even

Inches:  minus 1.25"

I will take that!  LOL  Even if I lose only 1.25" every week, by the end of the challenge, I will have trimmed down quite nicely.  And, I totally plan on starting a new challenge immediately after this one concludes.  Not sure if it'll be another BBM Challenge or something different like Beachbody's Focus T25, which I've had my eye on for awhile.

And, on a personal note, Happy 5 Months to my baby, Julianna!

Would love to hear from YOU!  Share your own journey, comments, thoughts, ideas, questions... anything.  Thanks for following along.  I appreciate your love & support immensely.

Please comment, share, Like,  RT, Plus, Pin...whatever works.  Thanks!  XO

See you tomorrow!!


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