Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 45 BBM 90 Day Challenge

Day 45 BBM 90 Day Challenge


Today is the half-way point!! Measurements and Fit Test!!  Oh boy!  LOL


weight: -5#
waist:  -1"
hips:  -1"
pooch:  -2"
thigh left:  -0.5"
thigh right:  -1"
arm left:  -1"
arm right: -1"
neck:  -1.5"
calf left:  -0.5"
calf right:  -0.5"

Total loss in 45 days: 5 pounds and 10 inches

Fit test:

Speed Squats (50 seconds):
Day 1-30
Day 45-42

High Knees (50 seconds):  
Day 1-58
Day 45-115

Push Ups (50 seconds):  
Day 1-20
Day 45-25

Squat Jumps (50 seconds):  
Day 1-15
Day 45-22

Tricep Dips  (50 seconds):  
Day 1-14
Day 45-20

Burpees  (50 seconds):  
Day 1-7
Day 45-9

Alternating Lunges (50 seconds):  
Day 1-15
Day 45-20

Elbow Plank (hold as long as possible):  
Day 1-40 seconds
Day 45-45 seconds

Overall, even though I wasn't all that happy that my results weren't better, when I look at the big picture... I am doing very well.  It won't happen overnight.  I know.  I want to see results fast.  But, when you sit and look back, sometimes all you can say is "Wow. Job well done kid!"

Thank YOU for joining me on this journey.  It means a lot to me!  xo

See you tomorrow!!


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